• Home Ownership, Labour Market Transitions and Earnings

    Home Ownership, Labour Market Transitions and Earnings

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  • Unité néonatalogie

    Using Machine Learning to Predict Nosocomial Infections and Medical Accidents in a NICU

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  • Prison

    Prison Rehabilitation Programs: Efficiency and Targeting

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  • Immigration au Canada

    Immigrants' Economic Performance and Selective Outmigration

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  • Formation en milieu fermé

    Can Recidivism Be Prevented From Behind Bars?

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  • Neonatal

    Infections, Accidents and Nursing Overtime in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

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  • Pauvreté

    Intrahousehold Resource Allocation and Individual Poverty

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  • Tobacco and Poverty in México

    The Impact of Tobacco Tax Reforms on Poverty in in México (Springer Nature: Business & Economics)

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  • Dynamic Panel Data

    Robust dynamic panel data using epsilon-contamination (Advances in Econometrics)

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The objectives of the Chair are to bring together researchers with unique expertise in program evaluation, to train young researchers in cutting-edge quantitative evaluation methods and to evaluate public programs in Quebec and elsewhere from an academic perspective.
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